Wall Mounted Tablet Using Pre-Existing Security System Setup

How cool would it be to control every smart device from one or multiple locations? What if you could do this all with the touch on a button on a tablet that’s mounted onto your wall? Now you can! Check out this DIY project!

I have an old ADT security system at my house. After inspecting the wiring diagram and comparing it to the circuit board, I learned that it wasn’t wired to anything and none of the wires had power to them!

I then gutted my ADT security box and got rid of any unnecessary wires and components.

I followed the wire marked power which went up into the attic and all the way to my garage. The problem was the power wire wasn’t connected to a transformer, so I need to get a transformer.

I did some research and learned most security systems use plug in transformers, so I purchased the above transformer and connected the wires from the power wire that led to my garage to the transformer.

Some tools I used and extra security wire. The sandpaper was for another project!

I had to connect the extra security wire (22), to the existing security wire (22) which was marked power by using the b connectors and a crimp tool. I did this to be able to run the wire far enough to get it through the wall to the tablet.

I then ran that wire to my step down voltage regulator.

I then purchased a tablet wall mount for my Fire 8 Tablet from here.

I mounted the bracket onto the wall, placed the tablet onto the bracket, and plugged it in. Here was my result:

I cleaned up the wires in the back, so they weren’t hanging.

For the software, I used Fully Kiosk and ActionTiles.

Feel free to send me any questions!